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Using historical optimization for SEO.

Whilst there are many ways to use content to boost your ranking, there's always room for improvement. So why not improve your past site content by giving it a much needed SEO makeover.

With all skills they can always do with a much needed update, and that's just what I've been doing this year. Giving my skill-set an upgrade and undertaking some SEO and marketing training to really get my experience up to date.

Alt Fashion article : Plus size alternative fashion

As part of my recent training I've brought my SEO knowledge up to date with recent practices and changes with Google's ranking algorithms. Learning what makes for a successful post, and the best practices to improve upon existing content - that's where historical optimization comes in.

By making a few key changes to existing content that's already performing well but could do better, this can dramatically improve your ranking. Historical optimization essentially does that. Optimizing past content, updating them with a few simple changes with the intention of getting those posts up to page 1 on Google.

So, having taken this on board I decided to put it into practice, noting key content on Alt Fashion that was already performing well on search results, and was in need a much needed spring clean as it were, bringing those past posts up to date.

The first post I chose to do this with focused on Plus size alternative fashion. This post was already performing well, placed high up on page 4, but it could be performing far better. So I set about updating the article, adding more recent information about alternative clothing brands offering plus size clothing, alongside cleaning up the content – adding H1 tags for instance.

Alt Fashion article : Plus size alternative fashion, updated article

Once published, the post was promoted across the site as 'new, updated' content, being shared on social media also. In less than 30 days after it was updated the post had moved up the ranks, going on to one of the top results on page 2. Whilst this still isn't quite page 1 material just yet, this increase in ranking position has been a move in the right direction, also going on to increase site traffic by 18% in that month.

It just goes to show that a few simple changes to already existing content can really make an improvement. Going forward, I'll be rolling out this same practice on high performing past content, looking to increase those rankings even more in the future.

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