leona turford

Re-designing a brand logo.

Sometimes you get it right the first time, but there's always room for improvement. As time changes, sometimes you need to update and improve aspects of your design along with it. Following the closure of Alt Fashion magazine back in 2013, I felt it was time for an update, as I set about re-designing the logo for the website.

The initial logo was created back in 2007, designed to incorporate noticeable elements of fashion design (such as zips, buttons etc..) in with the typeface. Whilst this worked incredibly well with the print design content for Alt Fashion, standing out well on the front cover of the magazine, once that part of the business had drew to a close, I felt like a change was needed.

Alt Fashion logo : old design

I wanted to create something that was much more simplisitic when compared to the previous logo, but that also had that touch of alternative style to it. Rather than going for a complex design, as I'd done with the previous logo, I chose to go something that was minimal, yet still had that alternative edge to it.

With a typeface chosen, I set about looking at ways to give it that edgy look. A rather simple, yet effective method was found, simply rotating the letter 'T' on Alt, to give it the appearance of an inverted cross – an image that has long been used within metal and gothic subcultures.

This simple adjustment with the type gave the logo that instant alternative look. Whilst the term 'alt' is already associated with alternative fashion, if you didn't know that, you'd instantly associate the use of an inverted cross within the logo as being alternative and edgy.

Alt Fashion logo : new design

Once completed, the design was then tested out on graphics for the site – banners, advertisements, and promotional graphics for social media. It certainly had the required look. The new look logo was then rolled out online, giving the site an instant refresh for the new era of the business.

It certainly goes to show that sometimes, the most simple design can be just as effective.

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