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Making a mobile compliant website.

These days more people than ever before are viewing content on their mobile phones, so the need to have a mobile compliant website is more crucial than ever before. Sure, your website may look great when viewed on a laptop, but it needs to be just as impactful on a smart device, and that's where a mobile friendly makeover comes in.

As a website that's been around since 2006, Alt Fashion had undergone several re-designs over the years, but it had never been upgraded to be mobile compliant before. Back in 2018 a much needed makeover went underway, turning the niche alternative fashion site into a mobile friendly site.

Alt Fashion : Laptop site

To start things off the site needed a major renovation, this happened the previous year as I looked to start upgrading the site build to html 5 - yes, this was already way overdue, but as someone who at that point in time had put my coding days behind me, this was a much needed update, both in terms of my own skills, and the site.

Updating over 300 pages of archived content to html 5 was certainly a long task, but it helped pave the way for the site for become fully mobile compliant. A few months after this upgrade was made, I set about learning the in's and out's of mobile friendly coding. Looking for something that could easily alter the viewpoint of the site for visitors using a mobile, without building an entirely new site dedicated just to this.

Alt Fashion : Mobile site

CSS offered the change I needed, using elements within the code to help shape how the site would look when viewed on a mobile device. This allowed me to keep the site's current look with no changes at all for users on a laptop. With a few simple changes to the look for mobile visitors, which allowed for an improved user experience, making site content accessible to all.

Whilst this change enabled the site to become mobile compliant there's still always room for improvement. With devices constantly changing, from new updates to firmware, there will still need to be further changes in the future to keep up with technology, but for the present time, it's certainly made all the difference to the visitor experience on the site.

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