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Creating unique SEO content.

SEO is a constantly evolving process, you can't rely on just a few changes to improve your rankings, you have to be continually improving and building upon your results and just one way that you can do that is with some unique content for your site.

Having already begun to update my SEO skill-set earlier this year, I continued to build upon my success, looking for more ways to improve my work and continue to deliver results.

Alt Fashion article : Second hand alternative fashion

Whilst the first changes I made looked at improving rankings of past content using Historical Optimization, the next logical step was to look towards creating new, unique content.

Just where do you start when your looking to create something new that also improves your Google ranking? Firstly, I begun to brainstorm keywords that were already successful with Alt Fashion, going on to research competitors' for those keywords to compare our ranking, whilst also comparing our site content.

From there, I begun to look for new content ideas. Focusing on keywords that competitors' were already using, looking to give the site an edge, whilst also setting the stage for unique, engaging content.

Keywords chosen, one such article that I began working on first aimed to look at Second hand clothing. A market that was already building interest with consumers looking to swap fast fashion for more sustainable alternatives - this was the perfect starting point to create a unique site post.

Focusing on the keywords, Gothic Clothing Second Hand, and Cheap Alternative Clothing, these keywords were naturally woven into the articles content, to create a unique, informative post, that fitted in perfectly with the sites already existing content.

Alt Fashion article : Cheap alternative clothing

Within 30 days the article was already performing well, debuting it's ranking placement on page 5. From there it naturally grew, going on to jump up from page 4, to page 1 for Gothic Clothing Second Hand, and up to page 3 for Cheap Alternative Clothing.

Whilst one keyword has achieved far better results than the other, it's certainly shown positive growth. Going on to engage readers, whilst also improving site ranking. Showing that unique SEO content does deliver, and setting the foundations for more content going forward.

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