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Creating an effective pillar page.

Nowadays we want our content to be engaging and informative and we want to find exactly what we're looking for as quickly as possible. So, what if you could compile all that essential knowledge in a quick, easy to digest format? Well that's exactly where the pillar page comes in.

As SEO practices are constantly changing, so has the way that people search. Whether it's for a local restaurant, or some fashion tips, users are starting to search for more in-depth conversational queries to get the results that they desire. As such, the algorithm has updated with their search intent in mind.

Alt Fashion pillar page : Screenshot of site page

With this change in tactic, it's resulted in search engines providing more relevant results for users, which we need to ensure are easy for them to find. As content marketers we need to improve the way that we organise our site content, addressing any gaps along the way, and that's where the pillar page comes in.

Helping to bridge the gap as it were, the pillar page forms part of a topic cluster focused on one particular subject. Covering it more in depth, whilst also including relevant hyperlinks to other pages on your site related to that topic. Think of it as a handy guide that can provide you with even more helpful information to explore.

As part of an extensive SEO driven campaign on my own site, Alt Fashion, creating a pillar page was another crucial step in that plan. Using one core page to link out to other related pages, forming a landing pad as it were for users to find out more about alternative clothing shops around the country.

Already refreshing some past content as part of my historical optimisation campaign earlier in the year, some of the site's renowned city guides were updated with more relevant advice for the keen alternative shopper. Shining a light as it were on alternative clothing shops in key cities from Manchester to Birmingham.

Pillar page graphic : Alternative shops in Birmingham

The pillar page sought to bring hyperlinks to all of those pages together in one handy, relevant, easy to digest format. With the view to influence ranking alongside for relevant keywords such as "alternative clothing stores near me" and "alt fashion stores".

Keywords chosen and site content updated, the pillar page was then constructed. In an easy to digest format with all the relevant pages linked in. This was actively promoted with a key placing on the site's menu making it easy to discover.

Once the pillar page went live it started to achieve page 5 listings within the first few months, going on to influence other relevant keywords along the way, and the results couldn't have been better. Several months on and the page now features across page 1 for it's original keywords, alongside several other abbreviations.

By linking up the relevant pages on this pillar page it also in turn helped to influence the ranking position for those associated pages, with ranking going on to improve with page 1 placements for these handy alternative shopping guides. Going to show that pillar pages really can be a great addition to any content marketing plan.

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