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Vintage web shop Glitz & Bits Vintage

Initially a family run business, Glitz & Bits Vintage is the latest expansion to my business, seeing me take my love of vintage, alongside years of hoarding vintage finds, and putting it to good use for a lovely little web shop.

A keen love of the past, alongside my unique sense of style, has been brought into the business, hand picking finds from the 1960's - 1980's in particular, to bring together a lovely range of pre loved vintage finds that are looking for a new home!

Taking treasured finds from the past and turning them into loved future finds, you never know what you'll find amongst my range of vintage stock, but there's bound to be that one special item that you'll adore for many years to come.

Prior to taking over Glitz & Bits Vintage I already adored everything vintage, with a particular interest in fashion history and the boom in manufacturing that saw the New Look come into style in the late 1940's. I've taken this love of vintage into expanding the business, taking Glitz & Bits Vintage from it's initial home on Etsy, to a new audience, opening up a new shop on Depop.

What makes Glitz & Bits Vintage stand out compared to other vintage web stores is a lovely range of vintage accessories, clothing, and homewares. From the perfect pieces of vintage costume jewellery to complete your look in true vintage style, to lovely pieces for your home - from tea cups, to decorative vases.

With a broad range of stock spread across the marketplaces, you'll find a completely different selection of vintage finds in the Etsy and Depop shops. Unlike other stores, I chose to vary my stock between marketplaces, so you'll never be disappointed by an out of stock item!

Find out more about Glitz & Bits Vintage, and shop direct from my stores at glitzandbitsvintage.blogspot.com.

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