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Alt Fashion magazine with personal items

Allow myself to introduce, myself..

You might recognise my name from my work with my publication, Alt Fashion, or my alternative photography work that saw me take on hilarious props and pin up models, but there's much more to my work than that.

My work has certainly taken me all over the place over the years, from the exotic and mysterious land of Swansea, to the picturesque streets of Lichfield, I'm not exactly your average freelancer...

These days my work has adapted with the changes of the industry, taking on social media, guest blogging and writing, alongside running my vintage web shop as an extension of my business.

Having dipped my toes into various areas of the industry over the years, I've developed a unique portfolio of work and a wealth of experience, alongside a zesty enthusiasm to help promote your business! Why not get in touch to see what I can do for your business!

Want to pick at my brains? Not literally of course...

I'm available for written assignments, guest posts, and occasionally, I can be tempted back behind the camera for the right project!

Please contact me for my current freelance rates.

You can reach me at hello@leona-turford.co.uk

Visit my sites:

Alt Fashion | Glitz & Bits Vintage

Looking for my CV?

Simply get in touch if you'd like to find out more about my experience and work to date!