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Logo Steampunk fashion shoot for LondonEdge collaboration with Alt Fashion

Well, Hello there stranger!

You may recognise me from the little independent publication that I've been running for the past decade or so, Alt Fashion; or for my alternative photography work that saw me taking on killer props and pin up models.

It's not just niche alternative fashion & culture that tickles my fancy, my work has taken me all over the place in recent years, but it's always brought me back to my love of the vintage and alternative; even going on to branch out my business to a lovely little vintage web shop, Glitz & Bits Vintage.

A specialist in the alternative & vintage, having grown up constantly being encouraged to over dress, whilst also being lucky enough to explore some of the finest alternative and independent shopping places over the decades, from the now long closed Kensington market, to Manchester's Afflecks. I've build up a hell of a lot of knowledge on what makes the world of alt fashion tick, as well as building up a wealth of knowledge on all things vintage, and that's being put to great use with my latest work. If you ever need to know anything about alternative fashion or vintage finds, I'm the right gal!

I can still be found behind the camera from time to time too, mostly working on product images for my vintage web shop, or snapping away with one of my lomography cameras.

Of course, that's only a small snippet of the work that I offer as a freelancer. Branching out into written content for the web, to social media, and seo work. Why not take a look around for a small glimpse into my work to date, or alternatively, why not get in touch!